Christina (lpassociation) wrote in 00mg___shes13,

exactly why i hate this bitch.
click here for article (its within the news section)

Teen singing sensation JoJo has said that she's just a normal girl with simple tastes.

JoJo is also insisting that she isn't fussy when it comes to romance, saying: "It's the little things, like if you knew what kind of flowers I like.

"If a guy is trying to talk to me, you have to be confident in yourself. And I know it's so hard to know who you are when you're young, but you need to at least be trying to find out who you are, and want to do something with your life besides stay at home, go to school or play basketball."

The talented singer also said that she plans on staying grounded and in control.

"I'm certainly not Lindsay Lohan, where everywhere I go, there's a camera in my face", she said.

She's fucking 13, wouldn't have a fucking clue to love or relationships. FOR GOD SAKE!!!
So, we all have to do other things apart from basketball? Well, not every 13yo is out whoring themselves with a shit record. SERIOUSLY!
Your certinally NOT lindsay lohan, but you defenetly are becoming what she potrays - a slut. Start young, its the only way.
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