The NEW and IMPROVED Jojo hate community
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Welcome to thee first and only Anti-Jojo community on Livejournal.

♥Who is Jojo?:
Jojo is the latest pile of trash to come out of America.
♥Can she sing?: Wouldn't know, she doesn't sing, she speaks her lyrics and has backtracking.
♥You're jealous!:No, I'm annoyed.

_♥No Jojo fans. If you LIKE Jojo, "Leave get out."
_♥Propper grammar is very important to me. No matter how cool I think you are, if you type like an idiot, you're gone.
_♥Make an intro post with this information:
Why you dislike Jojo:
Your favourite band/singer:
_♥Don't make fun of ANYONE, unless it's Jojo or a fan of hers.
_♥Have fun!
_♥ADDED 1 SEPTEMBER 2004:Seeing as though people are told to promote communities, and we here hate it, we're going to make a deal. Everyone is allowed to promote no more than three times, BUT the community has to be music related, and cannot invovle, rating of non-famous people, or acts of Pro-Jojoism.

About the Owners:
LJ name: licia_hates_you
Real name: Licia
Birthday: 19 November 1990
Location: PA
Reason for Jojo hatred: She's fake, talentless, a stagechild..basically, exactly what most famous Americans are, BUT Jojo is different. She's giving sluts, and thirteen year olds bad names. She's brainwashing the masses with her shit music, and, she's not being herself. Also, she doesn't even sing. It's shitty poetic talking.
Music: Morrissey, Busted, Saybia, Funeral for a Friend, Ayumi Hamasaki, Kurt Nilsen, Kokia, Dina, Twelve Girls Band, Ultrabeat, Snow Patrol, anything that doesn't blow.
Anything else: Suck me.

LJ name: writish303
Real name: Jillian. But most people call me Jill or Jilly.
Birthday:October 26th
Location: USA
Reason for Jojo hatred: She's fake and annoying. Her songs are unbearable, as are her lyrics. She pretends to be gansta (aka WANGSTA) when it's ridiculusly obvious she is SO white. And the fact that she's only 13 and that she's singing about boyfriends and her love-life or lack there-of is just pathetic. And that's my two-cents.
Music: Anything but rap and hip-hop. Favorite is classic rock, indie rock. Rock all around.
Anything else: Nope. I just can't stand Jo-Jo. :D

If you would like to make graphics/icons/banners for this community, I'd love you.

ATTENTION:The other community on here is INACTIVE!